It is with great delight to announce that the official launch of the Maximum Joy Foundation will come off on the 4th of August 2022.

The foundation which was set up in 2017, with an agenda to improve the lives of underprivileged children, girls and teenage mothers will be officially outdoored to the world with a renewed sense of commitment.

For seven years, the foundation has been dedicated towards advancing the welfare of teenage mothers and creating a better future for needy children and girls in the country through its projects such as Fun For Kids, the Sanitary Care project and Vocational Skills Training Programme.

These projects for instance have helped teenage mothers by supporting them to acquire vocational skills to become self-sufficient).

Also, the foundation through its Sanitary Care project has provided sanitary items to girls to prevent health complications that come as a result of improper hygiene.

And finally, the Fun For Kids initiative has positively impacted underprivileged children through sporting activities to help the kids identify their talents.

The foundations also provides the kids with with educational materials to help them in their studies.

The foundation through its projects has put smiles on the faces of more than 1500 beneficiaries since 2017

The launch will therefore afford the foundation the opportunity to reflect on its achievements, challenges and ambitions for upcoming projects.

Why don’t you join us on a worthy cause

To sponsor any of our projects and become a volunteer kindly contact us on 233 554 496 603/ 0594484711 or send us an email at:

Maximum Joy Foundation- Creating Hope For The Future